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A journal for everyone supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities

The Charity

PMLD LINK was established to make a difference to the lives of children and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). People with PMLD have profound intellectual and multiple disabilities, very severe communication problems, often extreme physical and/or sensory disabilities, and complex health needs. For more details about the nature of profound and multiple learning disabilities see our Resource page.

Their needs are frequently overlooked by more general support organisations for people with learning disabilities. PMLD LINK maintains a clear focus on this small and often hard to reach group. Since 2007 PMLD LINK has been a registered ‘not for profit’ charity and its affairs are managed by volunteer trustees who have in-depth knowledge and are relatives of people with PMLD and/or are professionals with backgrounds in relevant health, education or social care services.

All money from subscriptions to the charity and any donations are used to maintain the production and posting of the journal, the development of the website and the management of social media accounts for networking and information sharing.

Any information about potential grant applications and any donations are welcome.

If you can offer support or if you wish to make a donation (via the button) or if you wish to make further enquiries, please contact PMLD LINK at info@pmldlink.org.uk.


Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities


The aims of the Standards are to support in ensuring people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, children and adults, have access to consistent high-quality support throughout their lives, when supported by any service provider. The ambition is that these Standards will be adopted nationally.

The standards outline key objectives and principles that should be evident across all education, health, and social care services. These should be adopted by commissioners and providers of services, ensuring families and other key stakeholders have awareness of these standards. Families and other representatives should be clear, from the outset, of what level and type of standards to expect for the person they represent and advocate for.

“A person’s ability to communicate is not dependent on their being able to master certain skills, it is dependent on our ability to listen and communicate responsively”

Jo Grace, The Sensory Projects

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The Journal

The charity produces the PMLD LINK journal which is dedicated to sharing ideas and information about the needs of children and adults with PMLD and good practice, activities and resources for meeting these needs and improving the quality of their lives. It covers a wide range of issues to inform and support the day to day work of families, carers and professionals in the home, schools and colleges, and adult settings.

PMLD LINK welcomes written contributions from any interested persons to the journal, including articles, information about resources and organisations and any news. Guidelines for authors are available on the website and the editors are happy to support would-be contributors in developing their pieces. Requests from readers for particular information or suggestions of topics are also welcome. The journal is published three times a year. Subscribers to PMLD LINK will receive a printed copy of each issue. Back copies of issues since 1988 are easily accessible on the website.