Within Issue 107

Welcome to Spring and to this season’s edition of PMLD Link, which focuses on a wide variety of elements relating to the wellbeing of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). As well as sharing practical tips on how we can offer support to improve wellbeing, the articles in this edition highlight the importance of connection, communication opportunities, relationships, personhood and belonging, to name a few. The introductory article by Julie Calverley weaves nicely into Kate Sainsbury’s article, as she shares a mother’s vision for the wellbeing of her son, who is able to live a purposeful and meaningful life where his wellbeing is supported by his excellent care team. These articles also align with the Five ways to Wellbeing, which we are guided through elsewhere in this issue. We hear about musical hydrotherapy and reflexology as therapeutic tools for relaxation and wellbeing. A range of resources are also highlighted, including gardens, museums and art galleries which can be visited online to support the cultural growth and wellbeing of people with PMLD, their families and support workers.

We are also reminded of the foundational importance of ensuring physical needs are met and how, when someone is comfortable, they are more likely to be able to enjoy external stimuli, which in turn supports their wellbeing. There is also a focus on the mental health and wellbeing of family carers and we hear about a new project which is using creative ways to research this area. The impact of grief and ways in which people with PMLD can be supported throughout the process is also covered in this edition. There are reflections on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon the emotional wellbeing of people with PMLD and there is a piece about remote music, sound and wellbeing sessions which were delivered during the pandemic and continue to run.

We have so many wonderful contributors to this issue of PMLD Link who have been willing to share their thoughts and ideas around supporting the wellbeing of people with PMLD. We hope you enjoy the articles and that you are inspired to try some of the ideas out or indeed send us your thoughts on how you support the wellbeing of people with PMLD.

We are very grateful to three volunteers from the PMLD Link Reference Group who have helped with the editing of this issue. Thank you to Clare Chalaye, Amy Nokes and Pete Navarra for their ideas, time and energy, which was a huge support to our volunteer editorial team.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Spring Edition.