Within Issue 97: Raising Our Sights: 10 years on

For the next issue, we would like you to help us mark 10 years since the Raising our Sights report (2010), by the late Professor Jim Mansell.

As many of you will be aware, this was a specific review of services for adults with PMLD, commissioned by the Department of Health. Through good practice examples, Professor Mansell wanted ‘to illustrate both what is possible and what policy obstacles have to be overcome.’

He made a series of recommendations that aimed to make sure people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their families get the support and services they need, and do not miss out on opportunities for more choice and control over their lives.

The review looked at all areas of people with PMLD’s lives and covered topics such as individualised and person-centred care, treating family as expert, quality of staff relationships with the person and advocacy, communication, health, housing, further education, day activity, employment, wheelchairs and more.

We would welcome any contributions showing what life is like now for people with PMLD (10 years on). You may want to share your family’s experiences, focus on specific topics or look back at the recommendations in Raising our sights and share your reflections about progress and priorities for change going forward. As well as articles – please also send us your comments and reflections, however short . We can gather these together to create an item. To read or revisit the 2010 Raising our sights report.

Please send all contributions by Friday 30th October 2020 to any of the editors


or info@pmldlink.org.uk