Within Issue 108

The theme for the Summer 2024 issue is ‘Health’

The NHS Long Term Plan, first issued in 2019, made a commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of people with a learning disability. Since then we have had the annual LeDeR review reports which have provided information about the deaths of people with a learning disability, with the aim of improving care and preventing premature mortality. And yet we only have to watch our TV news to see that all is not well with NHS provision for any of us, let alone those with learning disabilities. Health of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities is closely tied  to the health of their carers and we know that lack of support to families can compromise this.

Despite such a gloomy picture, we remain passionate that the health needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their experiences of health inequalities should not be ignored. Our next Issue is devoted to this topic. We are keen to hear about the health issues that matter to you. Why not share the positive steps and initiatives being taken at local or national level by key individuals or  groups to promote the health of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities . This may be physical health, mental health or anything encouraging healthy lifestyles. If you have a good news story to share, we’d love to hear from you – whether in an article or short news item. We would also like to hear of some of the challenges that you are facing in ensuring the physical and mental health of the people with profound and multiple learning disabilities with whom you live or work with.

We encourage you to send us your health-related articles, personal stories or reflections (up to 1500 words). We also love to include photos (with consent) and simple photo stories, to keep people central to what we do. News items, reviews of events and signposting to relevant blogs, website and resources are also welcomed.

All contributions by 27 May 2024 to: info@pmldlink.org.uk

Summer 2024 issue editors are: Sue Thurman,  Michael Fullerton and Annie Fergusson.

If we can help or to discuss your ideas, please reach out to us on info@pmldlink.org.uk

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