Within Issue 98: Training and Development

The next issue of PMLD Link will focus on Training and Development. We want to know what has helped you to develop as a person, a parent, a carer or professional supporting people with PMLD. Have you benefitted from a particularly good training course or educational programme? Or perhaps a particular book or film opened your eyes to a new world? Maybe you’ve learnt the most from simply being with people with PMLD. This has certainly been transformative for many of us on the PMLD Editorial Team.

Standard 3 of the PMLD Core and Essential Service Standards (2017) focuses on Development. If you are developing or delivering innovative training for families of people with PMLD, or care staff or professionals working with them, please write about it for us! We would love to hear how you are meeting (or exceeding!) the PMLD Standards in this area. We imagine that the current pandemic time has created many new challenges for you. Tell us how you have adapted your training so you can deliver it digitally or changed your content to meet new needs arising from the coronavirus situation.
Do you deliver training with people with PMLD as co-trainers or experts by experience? Tell us how you do this and share your stories of the impact of this training. Perhaps you work for an organisation which oversees training? We would love to hear how you take account of the needs of people with PMLD and their supporters.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly we are particularly interested in hearing all of our readers’ thoughts on how training and development can help to ensure that people working with and for people with PMLD have the right values, so that they can truly help people with PMLD to flourish.

We are looking forward very much to receiving your contributions! Please remember that we are always happy to help with writing so if you have an idea, get in touch!

Please send all contributions by 1st Mach 2021 to any of the editors

Rachel Hughes
Becky Loney
Michael Fullerton

or info@pmldlink.org.uk