Within Issue 106

The theme for the Winter issue is ‘Access’. When thinking about access the mind can often automatically go to physical access within communities, public transport, toilets and the like. Access is much broader than that however, and within this issue we would value consideration of access in a variety of ways. Ultimately we all seek to benefit from a good life, a life which is fulfilling, meaningful and in which we feel valued – for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities that requires access to a wide range of opportunities, being present and heard, the right support at the right times. It also relies on the interdependence we have on each other. If life in general is accessible for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, then it follows that life is accessible for us all.

The ‘Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, Core & Essential Service Standards’ focus on aspects of life that are considered important for us all to live a full and ‘accessible’ life. Inspiration may be drawn from the standards related to individuals, but the request is to be as creative as possible, and where there are barriers to access, please offer solutions and examples of how those barriers are overcome.

All contributions by 30th October 2023 please.

The Winter 2023 issue editors are Annie Fergusson, Michael Fullerton, Maureen Phillip and Wendy Newby


If you want submit a piece or want further guidance or just want to discuss your ideas, please contact the Editors by e-mail at: info@pmldlink.org.uk