Within Issue 99: General Issue

Our Summer issue of the journal is a general issue without any specific theme and we would welcome articles on any topics for this issue. However, we are conscious that during the past twelve months of the Coronavirus pandemic people with profound and multiple learning difficulties and their families and carers have suffered a great deal. We know of cases that have been particularly distressing and we have also heard remarkable stories of many people who have behaved selflessly and even heroically. So, we would like to share these kinds of stories more widely.

We welcome submissions from anybody. We do realise that many of our readers have a story to tell but do not consider themselves as writers. However. PMLD Link’s editors are very happy to help you shape your contributions. Your insights are valuable and by sharing your knowledge, understanding and ideas you can have a positive impact on other people’s lives as well as your own. We want to hear from you!

Of course, your article need not be about the pandemic at all. Do you have anything you wish to share that relates to the lives of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities? It could be something you alone have experience, it could be a piece of action research you have carried out, it could be something that has helped you and your family that you think might help others. And we are always keen to share relevant news, events, new resources or publications so please let us know about these too.

Please send all contributions by 31st June 2021 to any of the editors

The Summer issue editors are Wendy Newby, Martin Goodwin and Rob Ashdown.

If you want submit a piece or want further guidance or just want to discuss your ideas, please contact them by e-mail at: