Within Issue 102: Fun!

Everyone loves fun. What do you do to have fun? Do you go to the festival, the beach, the park or the forest? Do you have a favourite sport, do you dance or act, do you enjoy art, go for boat rides or stay home and listen to music? Whatever you do to have fun, PMLD Link would love to hear about it. Our summer journal is all about how different people like to relax and have fun – and we would love to share your adventures in our next edition to inform and inspire our readers and followers.

PMLD Link readers include family members, carers, academics and professionals supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. We will support new writers, so don’t be afraid of sharing your fun experiences with us as we will be around to help you every step of the way – just get in touch with your ideas. We think you’ll have a fun time writing for PMLD Link, and we are very flexible in our requirements. Our Guidelines for Writers can be found on the ‘Get Involved’ page on the website, www.pmldlink.org.uk.

Don’t forget to think about photos, since they can really help bring articles to life. However, it is important to send us original photos as separate electronic files (rather than just paste photos into your text). Also, if a person may be identified from the photo and/or context, it is essential that we have permission to reproduce it. Guidance about the need to secure consent and an image permission form may be downloaded from the ‘Get Involved’ page on the website.

As well as full articles we would be very pleased to receive short texts that suggest ideas or convey useful information or even just a photo with an explanation that shows someone having fun and explaining why it is fun for them. So, if you have a really good photo, please share it.

If you have any news items or resources that you’d like to share or training/conference dates for our Diary pages please also send them into the address below.

Guest Editors ‐ Maureen Phillip, Bella Travis and Rob Ashdown

Send us your articles, stories, news items, relevant information or resources. All contributions by Friday 15th July to: info@pmldlink.org.uk