Within Issue 97

We wanted this to be a bumper Winter Issue of the journal to mark 10 years since Professor Jim Mansell’s seminal Raising Our Sights report. Due to the generosity of contributors, we have not been disappointed.

This issue starts with some background about the Raising Our Sights report and a recap of some of the major activities and milestones over the last 10 years from our perspective. We have also included a great article that Professor Mansell wrote for the PMLD Link Journal setting out his findings and recommendations. We then share some of your thoughts and reflections about Raising Our Sights and progress since that time.

This issue includes articles on a range of topics, which share ideas and great practice to inform and inspire others. Many of the pieces include a focus on the Covid-19 pandemic and the creative ways in which people have adapted support and activities during this time.

The practice shared in your articles very much reflects some of the key elements of good support and services, which Professor Mansell identified in his report: Good services are individualised and person-centred; Good services treat the family as expert; and Good services focus on quality of staff relationships with the disabled person.

We know that often examples of good practice are down to determination and brilliant efforts from individuals and there is still a lot of work to do to remove the barriers to good support for people with PMLD. Please continue to share your good practice and ideas about how to remove the barriers.

On behalf of everyone in the PMLD Link team, we wish you all and your families and friends a happy and safe 2021.

Guest Editors: Rob Ashdown, Bella Travis , Maureen Phillip and Michael Fullerton