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Welcome to the PMLD Link website

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The Journal

A New Website for PMLD LINK - We are almost ready to launch the new improved PMLD LINK website. As a result, we will not be making any further changes to the current website. We will be writing to all subscribers soon with details about the new website. 

PMLD Link is a journal which shares good practice in supporting children and adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). It covers a wide range of issues to inform and support the day to day work of families, carers and professionals in the home, schools and colleges, and adult settings. PMLD Link welcomes written contributions, including articles, information sharing and news about people with PMLD. We also welcome requests from readers for particular information. PMLD Link is published three times a year. Subscribers receive a paper copy of the journal in the post and can also view the journal on-line.


We have launched our first steps into the world of social media with our very own twitter account.  We plan to keep followers up to date with news and development regarding the journal, and also share relevant news and information.  We have had a positive start with lots of engagement and a good number of followers. 

Find us on twitter at @pmldlink

Accessing archived issues of the journal

Please note that we have transferred many of the archived issues to the public part of the website. They may be found at:  The Journal/Back Issues. Issues predating 2000 have not been uploaded yet. It may take some time to achieve this. The issues from the immediately preceding three years are contained in the Members Area.

Any queries about accessing the Members Area or accessing the content of back issues not in the public areas should be addressed to Rob Ashdown.  E-mail:

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