Within Issue 92: Communication

Communication is a fundamental human right for all people. It is a responsive and reciprocal two-way exchange that can be verbal or non-verbal, intentional or non-intentional. It provides us with the opportunity to share meaning, express our feelings, preferences, and decisions and develop relationships.

The Core and Essential Service Standards in Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities recognise the significance of communication at both organisational and individual levels. The standards specify, “These individuals all have great difficulty communicating, often requiring those who know them well to interpret their responses and intent”.

Communication for these people is a complex and multi-faceted system. The standards highlight this emphasising the need for collaboration, the development of warm trusting relationships, and a total communication environment, the use of appropriate equipment including high and low technological tools, therapeutic interventions and staff training to name but a few.

The Spring issue will explore this and share good practice. It will endeavour to ensure meeting the communication standards for people with PMLD remains a focus. It will recognize that communication is everything and that all behaviour is communication.

We would welcome any further contributions and articles that reflect positive practice and innovative ways to support communication.

Please send your contributions for this next issue by the 25th February to the lead editors

Wendy Newby
Becky Loney