Within Issue 95: General Issue

Our Spring journal is a general issue without any theme. It is going to be a wonderful pick and mix of ideas and insights into the lived experience of having profound and multiple learning disabilities.

As a reader you can expect a little bit of everything, a treasure trove of perspectives and inspiration, but we want you to consider your potential as a writer too!

Do you have a topic in your mind that relates to the lives of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities? It could be something you are worried about, it could be a piece of action research you have carried out, it could be something you discovered recently that works for you and your family that you think might help others.

Our friendly team of editors are very happy to help you shape your contributions. We welcome submissions from those who have already published articles and those who have never been published before. Your insights are valuable and by sharing your knowledge, understanding and ideas you can have a positive impact on other people’s lives as well as your own. We want to hear from you!

We are always keen to share relevant news, events, new resources or publications- so please let us know about these too.

All contributions
by 28 February please

Spring issue Editors: Joanna Grace, Bella Travis, Maureen Phillip and Rob Ashdown