Within Issue 89: Raising the Bar

Hello all. In the next issue ~ Raising the Bar: Spring 2018. On the 24th of November the new Core and Essential Service Standards for Supporting People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities were launched at our Raising the bar conference. We hope this document will be a powerful tool for change in the quality of care people with PMLD receive. You can download it for free from www.pmldlink.org.uk

In our next issue of PMLD LINK we hope to offer a clear introduction to these standards, illustrating how they drive improvement and positive change across Education, Health and Social Care for people with PMLD, their families and others involved in their care and support.
We are keen to receive submissions from those who presented or attended the Raising the Bar conference, and we would also like to receive submissions from any reader, relating to the standards themselves:

  • How do you plan to respond and meet the standards in your setting?
  • How have you gone about effecting positive change – eg in the care received by the people/person you support or, perhaps in the training and professional development opportunities available to your staff?
  • Do you have a novel or innovative way of meeting one of the standards? Or, tell us about the challenges to making progress towards a particular standard.

The standards for organisations cover: leadership; quality; staff development; physical environment; communication; health and wellbeing; social, community and family life – we would be interested in submissions on any of these topics. The standards for individuals cover: communication; health and well being; meaningful/quality relationships; social and community life; meaningful time; and transitions – we would be interested in submissions on any of these topics.

We are particularly interested in forward facing submissions, e.g. from professionals about how they plan to effect change, and from family carers about the change they hope for. Please get in touch if we can help in any way. We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Jo Grace, Michael Fullerton, Thomas Doukas and Annie Fergusson, Guest Editors

Please send contributions by 19th March 2018 to sensorystory@gmail.com