Within Issue 93: Values and Ethics

Do we care enough?
Since people with PMLD are subject to the impact of the ethics and values of those who support them, how we should care is not always clear cut and requires ongoing reflection.

The Summer 2019 issue of PMLD Link has the theme of ‘Values and Ethics’. Values ethics are deeply situated and are complex. Complex issues and dilemmas arise through the day to day experiences of living a life with PMLD; not only because of the needs that arise due to having multiple impairments but also because societal barriers and attitudes interfere with the rights, freedoms and quality of life that we would expect. Communities do not always take the vulnerable position of people with PMLD seriously and care is not always taken to afford them their rights.

For the Summer 2019 issue we would like to invite contributions which speak to a wide range of ethical questions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Do we care enough?
  • What dilemmas do you face as a parent, carer or professional supporting a person with PMLD?
  • What complex decisions do you have to make on behalf of people with PMLD?
  • Who do you think should speak for people with PMLD (if anyone)?
  • Is it a good thing to identify people as having ‘profound and multiple learning disabilities’?
  • What can people with PMLD teach us about what matters?
  • What is required for people with PMLD to become ‘anchored within a community’?
  • Independence v. interdependence, rights v. relationships – where should we focus our efforts?
  • Do we want people with PMLD as our friends as well as our clients / pupils/ patients?
  • What can different cultures and religions learn from each other about responding to profound disability?
  • How well does the law serve us in promoting the wellbeing of people with PMLD?
  • How do we create and sustain ‘ethical organisations’ to support people with PMLD (including schools, care providers, social services and health services)?

We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Martin Goodwin, Rachel Parry Hughes and Rob Ashdown

Please send your contributions for this next issue by the copy date 10th June 2019 to info@pmldlink.org.uk